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About Begonville

Begonville is a go-to destination for the adventurous, worldly people that want the best for their beach, home, and comfortable casual & beach clothing / cover-up. Offering a vast array of distinctive, carefully designed & unique collection of beach, bath and lifestyle towels, women’s clothing, blankets, and throws, we aim to give you the tools and confidence of whatever the occasion...

Started as a family business over 45 years ago with experience in production, retail and design, now a father & son leads to Begonville to the international market. We find & design, source, and craft all our products with care, ensuring every item that you find here at Begonville will be a cherished and unique experience, just like you. You can learn more about us here.

Get acquainted with our signature oversized quality towels, low in weight and volume but that can be used in multitude of ways and purposes, from being a basic towel that you hang up at your bath, to a stylish companion at your vacation at the sea, pool and other adventures, to a shawl at chilly nights and many more that we cannot even count. While the possibilities are endless, the designs that we come up with is even more in-depth. From abstract designs to figures, to reflections from distinct cultures, our towel collections ensure that you find what you are looking for. All of our towels are handfinished, using turkish cotton as a base, with premium bamboo, linen fibers.

Explore our newly opened and still experimental dress shop, to find styles and their comfortable loose free-sized options that can make you stylish & comfy at the same time. These dresses reflect a level of quality, that reflects and combines all our offerings in a meaningful way. Find your style and fit perfect for any occasion, from parties to chilling casual times. Discover our small but purposeful home collection that contains all Turkish cotton throws and blankets that is light and almost weightless – perfect for summer & decoration for the fall & winter. We offer global express free shipping and ship orders to over 100 countries worldwide.

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