Product Info + Care


Most of our products are 70% Turkish Cotton 30% Natural Bamboo. Both of these fibers are natural and new products will shed some loose fibers and dust. For this reason we recommend washing your peshtemals before using them.


Peshtemals dry and maintain its softness in natural drying conditions. Since peshtemals are thin, they dry up relatively quickly. But if you are in a hurry, tumble drying in the lowest heat setting is recommended. Overdoing heat drying may damage the integrity of the cotton and make it less absorbent.


Because of their nature, in time the handmade tassels may come loose. This is the nature of the tassels as they are handmade. If you have issues with your tassels let us know through our contact form so we can help you out.


As all towels are woven, a pulled thread can be fixed by trying two things: First pull your towel in the borders close to the pulled thread. This way you can ensure that the excess loop is back where it should be. If there is still some loose thread that needs your attention you can cut off the thread with a pair of scissors.


Your products are exclusively made with Turkish Cotton. It will have exceptional absorbency out of the box. In prolonged uses, the absorbency may decrease due to use of detergent and fabric softeners.

Turkish cotton has extra long fibers that catches water as you move your towel along your skin, however while washing detergents can also stuck on these fibers. Begonville recommends that you use low amounts of detergent and rinse throughly. Also note that Fabric softeners can contain silicon that will make your products water repellent.


Turkish cotton is a premium cotton, preffered by many world famous brand because of its extra long fibers and durability. However Begonville products are not only for beach and bath purposes. We think that a peshtemal is more than that. It could be a lifestyle styling item for daily use. For this reason we set out to find the perfect combination to create a silk like product with no comprimises.


Aside from Turkish Cotton, Egyptian cotton is a different kind of cotton which is used in apparel and sheets is known as a better alternative in absorbency. However Egyptian cotton's extra absorbency means that the towels will stay wet in humid conditions, which is the weather condition on most of the vacation areas around the world.

Peshtemals are known for their fast drying, always ready stance with just perfect absorbancy. Turkish cotton provide the natural balance for such needs, however Egyptian cotton is does not.