Waypoint Premium Turkish Towel - Beige

Waypoint Premium Turkish Towel - Beige


Introducing Begonville dual-layered loomed excellence. Our premium towels employs a unique dual-layered looming technique that fuses two seperate looms into one creating patterns as we finish up the towel.

Waypoint Beige's vertical lines creates a pattern that set aside the ordinary designs but paves a way for more dynamic.

This unique towel feels different but still retains the lightweight and ultra absorbent nature of the turkish towel while giving it a unique touch in the end.

Designed and and produced in Turkey. A standout shawl or pool/beach towel that stands out from the rest. This towel is a great a great travel companion as well as a lifestyle accessory.

Product & Care:

Contents & Care:
- 100% Turkish Cotton
- Dual-Layered Looming
- Made in Turkey
- Loose short fringes
- 100x180(cm) sized.
- 380grams weight.
- Organic
- We recommend gentle wash without any softeners.

Suitable For:
- Beach Towel
- Beach Cover Up
- Shawl/Scarf
- Bath Towel
- Bandana

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