Turkish Towel 101: Makeshift Dresses


This is the most basic, tied from waist usage of a turkish towel. It offers basic cover-up purposes and can be very versitle and stylish at the same time, expecially compared to a clunky terry towel.


In this instance, turkish towel is behind you and you move the corners from under your arms and tie them behind your neck, your turkish towel will instantly beomce a stylish dress.

open shoulder

In this particular style, you make a knot on the cest and then tie them back together at the back of your neck. This creates a shorter dress in the meantime opens your shoulders.

shoulder knot

Shoulder Knot style, gets turkish towel corners as they go under and up your shoulder knotting them at the top. This particular dress opens your chest more and creating a one shouldered option.

A variant of the above style, this seperate itself by directly knotting at the top of your shoulder.

Hakan Ozgul